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Installation of solar street lamp and solar street lamp battery

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Tools / raw materials

Components required in solar street lamps

All kinds of fittings and installation equipment needed for solar street lamp installation

The composition of solar street lamps

First, the composition and working principle of solar street lamp

Solar street lamp mainly consists of solar panel components, intelligent controller, storage battery, light source, light pole and bracket.

Solar street lights use solar panels to convert solar radiation into electrical energy during the day, and then use intelligent controllers to store electrical energy in batteries. When night comes, the sun light intensity decreased gradually, when the smart controller detects that the illuminance reduced to a certain value, then control the battery provides power to the light load, the light will automatically turn on lights in the dark. The intelligent controller protects the battery from charging and discharging, and controls the opening and lighting time of the light source.

Foundation pouring

1, establish the lamp installation location: Kaichuang photoelectric construction group members according to the construction drawings and on-site inspection of the geological situation, no shade in the street to the top, lamp spacing of 40 meters for the reference value to determine the installation position of the lamp, or to replace the lamp proper installation position.

2, excavation of street lamp foundation pit: in the place of a good street lamp installation, excavation of street lamp foundation pit, if the surface 1 meters of soft soil, then the depth of our excavation will deepen. Other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) that confirm and protect the excavation site.

In 3, dug into the pit built into the battery box, to put the battery. If the excavated foundation is not wide enough, we will continue to dig wide so that there is enough space to hold the battery box.

4, pouring in the excavation of the street based embedded parts: 1 meters deep pit, the Kaichuang photoelectric pre welded embedded parts placed into the pit, and the steel tube is in the middle of the other end into the embedded parts, put the battery. And keep the foundation and the ground, embedded in the same plane. Then use the C20 concrete pouring of embedded parts fixed. In the process of continuous casting mixing well proportioned, to ensure compactness and firmness of the whole embedded parts.

5, the construction is completed, in time to clean up the residue on the positioning board, until the concrete completely solidified (about 4 days, the weather is good, 3 days can), before you can install solar street lamps.

Two. Installation of solar street lamp components

1. Solar panel installation

1. Put the solar panel on the bracket of the battery board and tighten it with screws to make it strong and reliable.

The output line 2, connecting the solar battery board, pay attention to the correct polarity of the battery plate, and tie fastened with output line panels.

3. After the line has been connected, tinning the wiring board to prevent the wire from oxidation. Then put the cord on the side of the line and wait for the thread to be worn.

2 、 LED lamp installation

1, the lamp line from the lamp arm out, in the installation of the lamp holder at one end of a section of the lamp line, so as to install the lamp holder.

2. Support the lamp post, put the other end of the lamp line out of the line hole reserved by the lamp post, and then turn the light line to one end of the lamp pole. And install the lamp holder at the other end of the light line.

3. Align the lamp arm with the screw hole on the lamp post, and then tighten the lamp arm with a fast wrench. Tighten the arm of the lamp after checking that the arms are free of distortion.

4, the lamp line out of the top of the lamp pole to do a good mark, and with the solar panel line with fine wire through the tube, two lines together to wear the bottom of the lamp pole, and the solar panel fixed on the lamp post. Check the screws and wait for the crane to lift.

3. Lamp post lifting

1, before the lamp pole hoisting, must check each component fixed condition, and examines the lamp holder and the battery plate whether has the deviation, and carries on the appropriate adjustment.

2, the lifting rope is worn in pole position slowly lifting lamp. Avoid the crane wire rope damaging the battery board.

3. When the lamp post is hoisted to the ground, the lamp pole is slowly lowered, the lamp pole is rotated simultaneously, and the lamp head is adjusted to the road surface, and the hole on the flange plate is aligned with the anchor bolt.

4. After the flange falls on the foundation, the flat cushion, the spring cushion and the nut are orderly arranged, and finally, the nut is uniformly screwed by the spanner, and the lamp post is fixed.

5, removed the hoisting rope, and check whether the tilt, whether to adjust the lamp.

4 storage battery and controller installation

1. Put the battery in the battery well and use the thin wire to put the battery on the subgrade.

2, in accordance with the technical requirements of the connecting line is connected to the controller; the first battery, then the load, then the solar panel wiring; the operation must pay attention to the terminal can indicate various wiring and controller on the ground, both positive and negative polarity cannot collide, cannot be reversed; otherwise the controller will be damaged.

3, debug the work of the street lamp is normal; set the controller mode, let the street light up, see if there is a problem, if there is no problem, set the light time, put the lamp cover sealed.

4, intelligent controller wiring effect diagram.

Three, solar street lamp component adjustment and two times buried

After 1, the solar street lamp is installed, check the whole lamp installation effect, tilt to the poles, re adjustment. Finally, the whole street lamp is arranged uniformly.

2, check the battery plate Chaoyang angles are biased, will need to adjust the direction of Chaoyang panels completely toward the south, the specific direction for the compass.

3, standing in the center of the road, check the lamp arm is skewed, the lamp holder is legitimate. If the lamp arm or lamp holder is not correct, it needs to be adjusted again.

Solar street lamp installation method and how to install the construction

4, until the installation of all the lights adjusted uniform, the lamp arm, lamp holder is not skewed, then the lamp base two times embedded. With the cement brick a small lamp base, the solar street lamp is more reliable.

Matters needing attention

When the solar street lamp is installed, the battery board faces south

Pay attention to the wiring order of controller when solar street lamp is installed