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Fu Wei was invited to participate in the Fifth International Battery Summit Forum

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Time: 2016-07-05 09:01:23 Source: Fu Wei news section

Jiangsu Fu Wei Energy Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in "Intercontinental Media Fifth International Battery Summit Forum"

The direction of this meeting

● foreign battery industry production technology and equipment

● battery industry trends, new policy interpretation

● battery industry to explore new areas

● battery industry new materials, new technology

● battery industry, environmental protection, lead storage battery industry standard conditions, consumption tax aspects

The same time as the above-

Meeting highlights

● The meeting fully implement the international route meeting, inviting experts at home and abroad, domestic and foreign industry experts, excellent battery business representatives and equipment materials business representatives to the scene, the intercontinental professional platform for you to establish a better communication learning channels;

● In the environmental protection law, lead storage battery industry standard conditions, consumption tax triple macro policy, we focus on international trends, domestic trends and industry trends, improve the overall competitiveness of the battery industry, further interpretation of the latest industrial policy;

● With the battery industry to further increase the development of new areas, to explore new channels of sales, Internet applications and lead-acid turn lithium and other new directions to explain, I believe that allows your business in a chaotic market environment to find the future development of the enterprise direction;

● Discover new technologies that can save you manpower, reduce costs and improve efficiency, transform technology, environmental technology and cost reduction technology.