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Fullwell were invited to attend the Fifth International Battery Forum

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Jiangsu Fuwei Energy Co. Ltd. was invited to attend the fifth session of the international media "intercontinental battery forum"

  Direction of the conference

  ● Production technology and equipment of foreign storage battery industry

  ● New trend and new policy interpretation of battery industry

  ● Exploration of new field of battery industry

  ● New materials and technologies for battery industry

  ● Environmental protection of battery industry, standard conditions of lead-acid battery industry and consumption tax

  Meeting highlights

  ● The meeting fully implement the international route meeting, inviting domestic and foreign experts at home and abroad, industry experts, business representatives of outstanding battery materials and equipments of business representatives to visit the site, intercontinental professional platform establishes more good communication channels for you to learn;

  ● In environmental law, lead-acid battery industry standard conditions, consumption tax of three macro policies, we focus on the trend of domestic and international trends, industry trends, improve the overall competitiveness of the battery industry, further interpretation of the latest industrial policy;

  ● With the development of battery industry increased in new areas, explore new sales channels, Internet applications and other new direction to lead lithium to explain, believe that you can find the enterprise future development direction of the enterprises in the market environment;

  ● Discover new technology, transformation technology, environmental protection technology and drop technology that can save manpower, reduce cost and improve efficiency