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2016 fullwise energy storage Training Conference

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In 2016, according to the current market changes, to better serve our customers and improve the quality of business personnel service. Jiangsu Fuwei energy limited expansion training, the current market need to explain.

The training session Fuwei energy mainly from four aspects:

One: solar street lighting configuration, common problems, solutions, troubleshooting methods, emergency measures, on-site maintenance.

Two: solar power / off grid power station configuration, application areas, program planning, configuration, maintenance, matters needing attention

Three: what are the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries, lithium batteries, the configuration and composition of lithium batteries, the difference between lithium batteries and batteries, the reasonable application of lithium batteries, the merits and cautions of lithium batteries.

Four: the use of solar cells in the field of diversification, the use of matters needing attention.

The training conference invited experts from fullwise energy solar panel, controller, inverter, cable, light source configuration required the analysis to explain, improve staff knowledge and skills from various aspects.