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Battery tension, lead prices have gone up again! Battery manufacturers according to the hit shipping line, you have debts?

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According to battery industry sources said, battery manufacturers are currently in accordance with the order of money, according to the proportion of payment line shipment.

Under the present battery supply, and even out of stock in the form of a lot of battery distributors give priority to out of debt and payment prepaid customers.

Battery dealers move in order to protect the relatively ample cash flow, the only way to grab the goods from the battery manufacturers, this move is also helpless.

Need to do business, investment, this is as unalterable principles things, especially when the battery is nervous, if still think of debts, is unable to get the estimation of battery.

The latest news, today Shanghai spot 1# lead price rose 150 yuan / ton, up 15700 yuan / ton, the highest price this year lead into the market, lead prices since September 12th rose, Shanghai futures 1# lead price has risen continuously reached 2000 yuan / ton, the battery price is expected to strongly bullish.

October 11th lead prices continue to rise, the current market photovoltaic batteries and electric vehicles, batteries, storage batteries are seriously out of stock. A battery dealer said that large battery can still manage to supply, small battery has appeared many days out of stock, and battery manufacturers supply, battery dealer delivery surface can meet the demand of battery battery manufacturers in accordance with the dealers play money order in accordance with the proportion of delivery team.

In recent years the battery industry oversupply, competition is intense, the price war, let a lot of battery dealers in order to sell more goods, have to dot debts, even the goods you sell, sell out to check, exacerbating the debts problem battery distributors. Battery manufacturers are basically the use of paragraph to the delivery of the principle, will not give dealers a penny of arrears. Every time when the battery delivery tension, battery manufacturers are basically according to the order of payment arrangements for delivery, and even according to each dealer, the amount of play money according to the proportion of shipments, it will increase the battery distributors of funds and a factory to increase capital, on the other hand, the market owed money, many mortgage banks to battery distributors a loan or financing of private lending, battery dealers facing great financial pressure. According to news from the market first, under the current battery supply, or even out of stock, many dealers out of debt, giving priority to the battery or prepaid deposit customers, the only way to ensure relatively sufficient cash flow, in order to grab from the battery manufacturers arrival, the move is upset, we all need to understand each other.

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