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The wind power project is expanding in an all-round way, with the rapid development of electric power and the promotion of electric heating

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Fullwell battery can network news: with the National Energy Board issued the "notice" on further improving the management of annual wind power development plan, arrangement of wind power project construction of new or abandoned wind power rationing ratio of more than 20% of the area. This is a response to a record high of 18% in the first quarter, the average wind power rejection rate, and the national policy level.

Recently announced "12th Five-Year" plan, the fifth batch of wind power project approval plan has indicated that a large number of new wind power projects will soon be launched. The plan shows that the newly approved wind power project reached 34 million kilowatts, will hit a 25% growth rate, the growth rate for the calendar batch of the highest. The last four approved projects did not exceed 28 million kW or 34 million KW each time.

Reporters learned that the new projects are mainly concentrated in the low rate of abandoned, but the larger demand in Yunnan, Shandong and other places, but the high rate of abandoned "Three North" region, no incremental projects. At the same time, through the establishment of 20% abandoned wind rate, high voltage lines, quota system, ultra high pressure and other policies, will promote the solution of the phenomenon of abandoning the wind.

Last year, the installed capacity of wind power has accounted for 7% of the total capacity of China's generators, but the power generated by wind power generation accounts for only 2.78% of the total power generation, the official website of the national energy board said. Insiders pointed out that the existing installed capacity under the condition of wind Haoyuwangnian will increase wind power grid pressure: if the mass of new projects, will cause greater pressure to wind power, the wind power abandoned wind power rationing situation is more serious, so the industry proposal should delay wind power the pace of expansion.

In this regard, Zhang Shuwei told reporters that his research team showed that even if the existing power grid is completely unchanged, the acceptance of more than 10% of the wind power and 5% of photovoltaic power is no problem. Public information shows that in 2014 the wind power online 153 billion 400 million kwh, accounting for only 2.78% of all power generation, from the capacity of 10%, there is still a big gap. In addition, the "12th Five-Year" plan aims to: by 2020, wind power grid installed capacity will reach 200 million kilowatts. As of the end of March this year, cumulative wind power and network capacity of just over 100 million kilowatts.

Therefore, he believes that the construction of the wind force is necessary, but in the "feasibility" needs to be improved. In the "feasibility", he pointed out that in the short term, should change the scheduling priority, simulated market bidding behavior, based on local resource endowments, technology and social economy to make optimal choice; in the medium term, the development of wind power is a clear goal, and other basic conditions, including the power grid infrastructure, all need to upgrade to meet the way of the development of wind power; in the long term, the establishment of power market, the establishment of incentive compatible system of wind power development support system.

According to the national energy administration, the rate of wind rejection was as high as 18% in the first quarter of 2015. Analysis of the energy bureau is: on the one hand, because the wind is better than the same period last year, an objective to increase the connection and consumptive pressure; on the other hand, the national electricity demand is slowing because of wind power shortage in some areas and supporting the local consumptive power grid construction and construction of wind power and other reasons.

In fact, the rate of 18% abandoned air is 0.8 percentage points higher than the rate of abandonment in 2012 of 17.12%. Therefore, insiders questioned: since the rate of abandoned wind has been so high, why wind power project and expansion of power industry? An unnamed analyst also told reporters, "now has introduced a policy of abandoned wind rate of 20% place no arrangements for new projects, and now abandoned wind power rationing mainly is the northwest and Northeast, but this new batch of major projects in the south that have abandoned wind and demand in place."

The macro planning and policies of wind power will lead to the improvement of wind power rationing. Specifically, there are four supporting policy measures: region abandoned wind power rationing over 20% proportion does not arrange new projects; renewable energy quota system to be implemented; until 2017 after the completion of UHV, North South transmission can become a reality, the great northern wind power resources can be transported to the south to have their nearest consumptive; digestion, wind power heating to wind resources. Not only that, electricity reform will also help the new energy industry, if the new energy subsidies reduced, such as wind power in 2020 the bidding price and thermal power, wind power and thermal power are better able to compete in the market, to promote wind power consumption. At the same time, it also promotes the development of electric power and other related industries. Among them, electric heating will be one of the most beneficial industries.

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